How to prolong the life of your clothing

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Have your cake, and wear it too: Prolong the life of your favourite pieces, so they last forever, and ever, and ever...

We get it. No one really enjoys doing the laundry. But, for every shrunken t-shirt, and lint-covered knit, there are easy fixes that you can implement to care for your favourite pieces and keep them in pristine condition, so they look like new for every wear. 

  • Keep things cool, like those cat videos you incessantly watch on Tik Tok
  • This one is quite an easy fix, but using a cold water wash can help your clothes retain their colour and quality. Especially useful for more delicate fabrics like silk, using a cold water wash is not only more economical, but also a great way to cut-back on your energy expenditure and be more environmentally conscious. 

  • Smoothing out Wrinkles
  • We’re suckers for clean lines and geometry in fashion, so a misshapen pleat is rather nightmarish. When ironing, we always recommend ironing your pieces inside-out where possible. This will prevent any obvious signs of damage, and prevent the sheen that the heat used in ironing can sometimes produce.

  • Skip the Dryer
  • Give your neighbours an avant-garde art exhibit of your favourite outfits by air-drying your clothes. Not only will this cut needless water usage, but your dryer is probably the culprit for a lot of your shrunken laundry misadventures. 

  • Filter out the Filter
  • This one’s kind of a biggie, but probably the most overlooked. It is worth identifying where the filter of your washing machine is, and how to clean it.  A quick Google should suffice, but for most, it is probably that small rectangle at the foot of your machine. Not only is this going to support its longevity, but frequent cleansing of the filter will help prevent those ghastly rolls of lint and hair you may be finding in your fresh laundry. Fair warning though, this may be unpleasant. 

  • Pulling out the big guns...
  • For more big-ticket items, like your favourite designer blazer, or that one dress that has seen you through multiple obligatory wedding invitations from distant family, consider dry-cleaning. Since it’s not feasible for most of us to get every item of our clothes professionally cleaned, dry-cleaning should be reserved for any pieces that may be delicate like genuine silk, anything with intricate beading/embroidery, expensive outerwear, and fabrics such as leather and velvet.

    Whilst this list is worth consulting, it is by no means exhaustive. Understanding the laundry needs of specific items is the best way to prevent any serious mishaps. Every ALKAM piece comes with a recommended method of cleaning best suited to the fabric, so do yourself a favour, and give it a quick read.

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