Tree Planting

Australia has recently experienced one of the largest natural disasters in history, with summer bringing about an unprecedented destruction of wildfires, resulting in the burning of nearly 6 million hectares of bushland and the staggering death of 1 billion animals.
We have pledged to plant one tree through One Tree Planted for every sale made in an attempt to restore Aussie bushland and put wildlife habitats back intact, and assist in the growth of native vegetation.
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For every tree planted, you receive a personalised certificate awarding you for your contribution to the country, as well as photos and information provided by the reforestation partners. Planting usually occurs during the rainy season, when the soil provides optimum conditions for tree survival.
What better way to do it than giving the world more trees? And this is made possible by your orders with us.
Why we do it 
As part of our Movement for Good, we strive for a more sustainable, brighter future. It is our responsibility to be role models and have a positive impact on our people and community, whilst reducing the impact we have on our home, our planet.
Although we are not perfect, we aim to find ways, no matter how small, that positively contributes to Mother Earth.
alkam sustainability shop womenswear one tree planted
Our commitment
Every three months we tally our orders and donate one dollar per order to One Tree Planted, an organisation responsible for planting of the trees. Once the donation has been made, customers will receive an email with their Tree Planting Certificate.
To plant a tree you can also donate directly here.