“We don’t want sustainability to be a nice-to-have, or a competitive edge; we want it to be a must for all brands globally”

ALKAM isn't like other Australian fashion brands, it is a movement re-defining fashion in the hope for change and the hope for good.

At ALKAM we strive for a more sustainable, brighter future. It is our responsibility to be role models and have a positive impact on our people and community, whilst reducing the impact we have on our home, our planet.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, so we hope you join us on our journey to a more sustainable tomorrow.

Below is a summary of our existing practises.



The Hunger Project

We are a proud partner of The Hunger Project, whereby we donate 100% of profits from our ALKAM Scrunchies to a not-for-profit organisation committed to ending global hunger and poverty by 2030. The Hunger Project does things a little differently, instead of donating resources to communities that need it the most, they recognise that global change is most effective when those communities are trained to be self-reliant. They shift the mindsets of women and men so they transform into leaders for the sustainable end of hunger, and empowers them to break their own cycle of poverty through skills, knowledge and resources. So far, The Hunger Project has reached 16.5 million people globally, it is our vision to help them reach 16.5 million more.

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Labour Conditions

We collaborate with partners who share the same beliefs as we do, to manufacture responsibly and ethically. Every one of our factories are signatories of our Supplier Code of Conduct, which ensures our factories comply with our ethical standards, and provides their people with dignified work that will enhance their livelihood and are treated fairly. Our vision is to see the end of the exploitation of workers, so we expect no less from our suppliers. We promote hygienic and safe working conditions, and do not condone child labour, forced labour, unfair wages, unsafe working conditions, discrimination or the unfair treatment of workers.


The Power of Women

ALKAM’s team, including its suppliers, comprise of 90% women globally, but women often hold the lowest paid jobs even though they invest twice as much of their income into their families compared to men. It is our passion to empower women so they can provide security to their children and community, and help eradicate poverty.  ALKAM is committed to ensuring each and every woman that works with us receives fair treatment and pay that is reflective of her immense value.


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Slow Fashion

Did you know that 75% of the fashion supply chain ends up in landfills? This is the equivalent to one garbage truck per second (Pulse of the Fashion Industry Report 2018 Report). Here at ALKAM, we embrace simplicity, and the ‘less is more’ philosophy. This notion has been engrained in our brand since it was born out of our living room. We believe in slow fashion, an approach where we encourage our consumers to invest in timeless, higher quality pieces that hold a place in your wardrobe season after season, and therefore have a better impact on our planet.


Australian Fashion Brands | ALKAM


Here at ALKAM, we place utmost importance on reducing our carbon footprint. Ecological sustainability and the ‘less is more’ philosophy is engrained in everything we do, so where we can, we aim to reduce our water, carbon and energy use throughout our businesses practices and across our supply chain.

We have developed ALKAM CONSCIOUS, a set of goals which we aim to meet by 2025:



  • 100% of swing tags made from recycled materials
  • 100% of garment labels made from recycled materials
  • Polymailer bags to be compostable or made from 100% recycled materials

Garment Fabrics

  • At least 25% of garments to be made from organic, sustainable or recycled materials
  • At least 50% of cotton garments to be made from recycled or organic certified cotton

Environmental Resources

  • At least 40% reduction in carbon consumption
  • At least 20% reduction in water consumption
  • At least 20% reduction in energy consumption

To add, ALKAM has a zero-waste policy, in which we recycle, donate or upcycle any excess fabrics and turn it into something wearable, like our ALKAM CONSIDERED scrunchies.

Australian Fashion Brands | ALKAM


As part of our Supplier Code of Conduct, suppliers are also encouraged to avoid using materials and processes that are considered harmful to the environment, and implement sustainable processes that minimise harm, including the reduction of waste and energy.


Tree Planting

Australia has recently experienced one of the largest natural disasters in history, with summer bringing about an unprecedented destruction of wildfires, resulting in the burning of nearly 6 million hectares of bushland and the staggering death of 1 billion animals. ALKAM has pledged to plant one tree through One Tree Planted for every sale made over $120 in an attempt to restore Aussie bushland and put wildlife habitats back intact, and assist in the growth of native vegetation. For every tree planted, you receive a personalised certificate awarding you for your contribution to the country, as well as photos and information provided by the reforestation partners. Planting usually occurs during the rainy season, when the soil provides optimum conditions for tree survival.

Australian Fashion Brands | ALKAM

Animal Welfare

Every year, billions of animals suffer and die for the fashion industry. ALKAM stands for kind fashion, so we do not condone the use of leather, angora, down feather or fur in any pieces. We are also a member of the Fur Free Retailer programme, developed by the Fur Free Alliance, which reinforces the commitment to animal welfare and using animal free materials.


Beyond 2020

Our planet, and our people, needs us to do better, and to be better. We recognise that we aren’t perfect, so it is our responsibility to grow and continuously set goals that result in a better impact on the environment. We invite you to take part in this journey with us as we strive for a change for the better. We look forward with the hope that one day many more businesses will be part of this movement for a more sustainable, kinder future.


If you’d like to know more about our CSR policies, or to simply get in touch, please email our Founder & Director at


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